The One Thing That Will Skyrocket Your Business

Whether you are just now thinking of starting a business, or have been in business for 20+ years, you MUST do this ONE thing!

Seriously, I have worked with businesses that have been around forever, and they weren’t doing this, and when they did, they took off like they never knew they could!

What am I talking about?  What is this magic thing?

It’s defining your audience!! Or in my terms, defining your DREAM CLIENT.

Here’s the problem: MOST people, when trying to sell their service or product, or whatever really, are trying to cast as wide of a net as possible.  In their minds, and I totally get this, it’s a numbers game, right?

The more people you get in front of, the better the odds that someone will bite. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Couldn’t be more wrong.

What they think they are doing is casting a big net with a general message as to speak to everyone. What they are actually doing is speaking to NO ONE.

The message ends up being so vanilla and general that no one person feels like you are speaking right to them, which is how decisions are made.

So, imagine what happens when that same business owner gets clear about who they are talking to…freaking miracles!  Now, the business that they were weeks away from giving up on has risen up like a flippin’ phoenix from the ashes! People really DID want what they were selling!  They just weren’t getting in front of the right people, or worse, were getting in front of them, but not really talking to them!

Do you feel like this is you? Do you feel like maybe you need a crash course in how to define your audience so you can take this business of yours exactly where you know in your heart it can go?!

Awesome!!! Then let’s do this, doggone it!! Here is the link for the super-inexpensive course that will walk you right through how to do this yourself!

I’m SO ready to see you succeed! As always, I love feedback!  Leave comments about your success + any questions you have.

Let’s DO THIS!

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